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A UK Based Custom Electric Guitar & Electric Bass Guitar Company, offering Bespoke Custom One of a kind guitars at a more affordable price!


All of our guitars are hand crafted using select, exotic & more commonly used guitar hardwoods. 


From Concept to Reality!

No pre shaped bodies or necks... Each Woodstock custom guitar is made to spec from design idea to your very own, one of a kind electric Guitar or Bass Reality.

Check out our designs here.

All Custom orders are available as Body and/or Neck Combos & complete guitars.


NOT 100% satisfied with the choice of hardware, parts & finish on our Standard Models, but like the Design?. 

Why not have the body and/or neck to finish and setup however you see fit.

Standard Woodstock Designs can also be changed to any preference, including... Design Shape, Hardware Manufacturer (& Colour), pickups, finish & anything else you can dream of!



All enquiries Welcome!