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The Story so far!...                                                           2005 - 2021

Unlike other Luthiers, I am not afraid to try new challenges or take on full custom one off Guitars. Whatever you desire can fast become a reality.

With the right design, the best combination of tone woods and many, many discussions, together we can create your dream electric guitar, hand-made here in the UK by me, Scot.

It started in 2005, under the Name Rz Custom Guitars.


In 2010 the decision was made to change the name to a slightly more personal one. This is when we became WoodStock Custom Guitars. A slight alteration of my surname (Woodcock) and the name of what is considered to be the greatest event ever! The event I can only wish I could have been at, or alive for! 


The name change brought a lot of confusion, not only to customers already familiar with the Rz Name, but to new customers who saw Rz products on my WoodStock Sites. It also became very apparent that there were several other Sites/Brands with the same name so, I had to come up with a way to differentiate myself from them too. 

I have had a long 16 year struggle with company identity and branding, but we are finally there now... A Name, a Logo and Stock designs, I am finally proud of what we have become!

Now, in April 2021, I decided to transition into CNC machining for some of my stock design Body and Necks. It has been a huge challenge for me to juggle Custom orders and to learn how to use the CNC machine and 3d design software, but it is NOW quickly becoming my go to tool.

All of my custom orders will remain hand made, however from time to time I will use the machine on a inlays and other intricate parts, as this will greatly reduce my time and costs to you, the customer.


I welcome new improved ideas you may have regarding one of my already successful designs, as well as the challenge to design something new based on your ideas.

Look forward to receiving your requests, and look forward to working with you soon!


What's the difference?:

I offer a custom electric guitar service that is like no other, I strive to make your dream guitar the best it can possibly be without making changes to the way you envision the guitar to be. There will be times when I'll have to offer suggestions to cut costs or time, but this is entirely up to you whether or not to listen. :)

If there is anything I will be doing for the first time, there may be some extra charges involved for the practice of this skill. Time for this should be taken into consideration too.

I will NOT be Happy, until you are Happy!



I also offer a custom guitar D.I.Y service. This allows you to pick any design you like, (including but not limited to), any one of my designs, and choose the woods you want, available with choice of finish or ready to be finished.

I will then lovingly craft you your dream body and neck combo and present it to you, in a top quality case, along with all chosen parts (If required/chosen), ready for you to put together and setup yourself.


Setting up your own guitar, Not your cup of tea?

Then why not have the entire guitar, hand-made, finished, put together and setup by me.

The guitar will be presented to you in a quality hard case!


And better still, if you are NOT 100% satisfied with your Woodstock Electric Guitar, I will rectify any issues within the first 2 years, FREE of charge, under my 2 year guarantee against workmanship*.


I offer a very reasonably priced Hand-Made Guitar service that will make you smile. Every single guitar is lovingly hand carved and custom fit to its counterparts, although I do use simple templates, the customisation of the guitars, when choosing a bridge for example, means that measurements have to be adjusted to fit the scale length, saddle string spread and nut size, Multi scale, Radius etc.


Every guitar comes with its own price tag, and therefore it is recommended you fill out an Order/ Enquiry form. Once received, I will endeavour to reply within 24 hrs, most of the time within 2-4 hrs.


You can pay as and when you want, (after discussion and agreement), however, I do ask that you pay 50% of the total costs before I start any work on the guitar, this acts as a guarantee for me that you are serious about having your dream guitar hand-made. This is also NON refundable at any time, this is to cover any time and initial costs to the build, if you change your mind, that is your decision, my time has already been taken up and therefore will be charged for.

In the very rare event of the guitar being damaged or unfinished from any fault of my own, a full refund will be given.


*Warranty on Custom Orders ONLY! Full terms and conditions apply.