HAND MADE TO ORDER - Unfinished Body and Necks, ready for your artistic touch!

Add your own, finish, Parts/Hardware and Electrics.

All Bodies and Necks are Hand Made from scratch with very strict attention to detail.

All prices are standard price except for when stated with Surcharge.

Perfect starting point for any custom guitar project.

Designed and Hand made by Scot at Woodstock Custom Guitars (RzCustomGuitars)

All options stated below can be changed for your preference, please contact for customisation & Surcharge quotes!

If you’re looking for something that isn’t listed, please message me…

All my designs are fully customisable for your desired specs.

I can also help you design your dream guitar or just make your dream version of A Guitar.




Woodstock Custom Designed & Hand Made Electric Guitars.


Design… Choose from any of the Pictured Designs.

All Bodies and Necks come with Solid body Flat tops with Belly and/or Elbow contours.


Semi Hollow Available for extra £150


Carve top (Same wood = Thicker body) can be included for an extra £100, Different wood top and Exotic Wood tops will be priced accordingly. Please contact for more details.


Body Features:

  • 2 piece Ash
  • 38mm thick (MA & TW are 36mm)
  • Any Pickup Configuration
  • Any Control Setup
  • Any Bridge Style (Strat & Floyd + £50)
  • Sanded to 240 grit ready to be finished.


Neck Features:

  • 1 piece Maple, Wenge or Padauk with Angled Head (Wenge + £15)
  • C Profile
  • 1st fret thickness – Any Thickness
  • 12th fret thickness – Any Thickness
  • Bolt on (Set Neck +£25, Neck Thru + £50)
  • Maple, Wenge or Ebony Fretboard (Ebony + £15
  • Any Number of Jumbo Frets (Stainless Steel + £35)
  • Any Scale Length (Multiscale + £50)
  • 4, 5 or 6mm MOP Dots Centered or Offset (Black MOP or Abalone for Maple)
  • 2mm MOP Side dots (Black MOP or Abalone for Maple)
  • Sanded to 240 Grit ready to be finished.

Hand made to Order Unfinished Body & Necks - Choose Style